jeudi 14 octobre 2010

Unusual meeting

J'ai longtemps hésité avec cette mélodie pour la chanson de Lizzie, du coup je l'ai utilisé pour cette petite blague:

One night I was petrified, I was visited by extraterrestrial. They raped me, they hit me and when I woke up I had three arms. It was strange but I get used to it. I could smoke while eating, I could play while masturbating, and hold hands with three girls at once. But everyone was afraid of me, they thought I was a monster. My mother was desperate. One night someone steped in my bedroom, I thought it was the extraterrestrial but it was my mother with a knife in her hand. She cut one of my three arms. Blood flowed and I'm dead.

2 commentaires:

Fée a dit…

J'Adore :D C'est assez amusant, je ne sais pas expliquer pourquoi j'Aime, mais c'est comme ça !

Lizzie Saint Septembre a dit…

Et je le confirme ici...délicieuse petite dérangée!